A Guide to Black Owned Businesses in the UK

The #BuyBlack movement has been building for the past few years, a movement grounded understanding of the investments in the businesses that support our communities. You've seen the lists of Black businesses to support - we've written about some on our blogs as well. We wanted to add to highlighting the ways we source Black businesses to support and feature in City Inspired. Etsy Etsy is a dream come true, especially if you're looking for small businesses and creatives to sup


Understanding the importance of supporting Black owned businesses Buying Black or spending money at Black owned businesses is the idea of investing back into the community. In the UK, the spending power of the Black community is worth around £300 billion. Yet much of this money is spent outside of the community. The movement to #BuyBlack builds on Black purchasing power, supporting Black economic growth and championing representation. For Black communities, it's the understan