A Guide to Black Owned Businesses in the UK

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The #BuyBlack movement has been building for the past few years, a movement grounded understanding of the investments in the businesses that support our communities. You've seen the lists of Black businesses to support - we've written about some on our blogs as well. We wanted to add to highlighting the ways we source Black businesses to support and feature in City Inspired.

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Etsy is a dream come true, especially if you're looking for small businesses and creatives to support. Etsy is a mini marketplace specifically for creative gift ideas. Their search engine is our favourite feature. You can customise your search based on the different products, the location of the vendor, the price and more. You purchase your items directly from the storefront. From our experience, most owners are quite responsive to any request.

Business Directories

We know everyone has seen the list of directories focused on Black businesses, but come can be outdated while others lack a diversity of businesses. Which ones do we prefer? We've listed a few below:

  • Jamii - A directory of Black owned UK businesses. You can receive discounts on brands featured on the site. They have a variety of businesses, many of which feature some of our vendors from our subscription box!

  • Black Woman's Directory - Launching in July, this directory is specifically for Black women led businesses. We're looking forward to the launch and can't wait to see what businesses are out there.

  • Black2Business - A one stop business directy for products and services provided from the Black diaspora in the UK.

  • It's Black Owned - A website that profiles Black business owners in the UK. They also feature the stories behind the brands and feature businesses from a range of different industries.

Pop Up Markets

Thanks to the rona, we're in this transition phase again, where everything is opening up or still online. This includes outdoor markets. We've seen plenty of markets online such as Crafty North Londoner as well as Open Market which recently had it's first online marketplace.

Other markets and shops that we're waiting for to open include:

AfroPop Peckham

Black Market UK

Diverse Gifts - Opening soon!

Hashtags - Instagram and Twitter

Finally we use hashtags, all the hashtags, to search for new vendors. Specifically, these hashtags include #buyblack; #blackbusinessmatter and #blackowned. These hashtags can introduce you to wealth of different vendors, products and stores. This is often our last resource in the vendor search because it can be difficult to filter which specific products you're looking for. Obviously photos under hashtags on Instagram or Twitter can turn up the wrong results. In other words, the hashtags can be used to bring up unrelated content. Additionally, many of these hashtags can be American focused. As a UK based brand, we want to highlight the businesses here. As such, have also found the hashtag #blackbritish helpful in our search.

We hope this list provides a good start for searching for UK Black owned businesses. We're all out here, operating in different industries and making a difference in our communities. Continue to support us and let us know how you find Black owned businesses to support in the comments below.

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