A Sneak Peek - Creating Young Mary's Scents

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Smell is one of those things that people don’t think about. It’s quite powerful and it elicits a lot of memories. As someone who’s been into fragrance, as soon as I smell one, the story kind of tells itself. Sometimes just in everyday life, I’ll come across a fragrance whether that’s walking through a store or on a plane. I’ll smell someone or something that gets my mind going. Then I try to identify that smell, and try to bring together different oils to recreate it.

Quote from the UK Black owned subscription box vendor Young Mary's

On the flipside of that, I’ve also had situations where I’ve really wanted to tell the story of a specific place. I start with the place in mind and create a scent from that place. That’s the case for Kano. The history of Kano, which is so rich and varied, ends up getting lost today. I knew I wanted to do something for this city and that was all about researching. It was looking up the history of Kano, what still exists on the ground in Kano, talking to my friends who live in Kano. It was finding out these little quirks and stories of history. Kano [the candle] is sandalwood and black pepper. I wanted a way to capture the essence of the city.

It takes time. But I enjoy it and it's an outlet that I’m happy that I’ve been able to explore it further through this business.

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