Afropop Peckham

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Afropop Peckham located right on Peckham Rye Lane. The concept is brilliant, it's a space for businesses inspired by the African continent to showcase their products. There you can find everything from jollof rice to ankara wraps and homemade soaps. Most of the stalls has a connection to Africa with many of the store owners being first generation Brits. Afropop Peckham goes beyond shopping. They also have workshops and classes from meditation to yoga.

The exciting aspect of Afropop Peckham is that you won't find the same vendors there that you met the first day. In other words, the vendors change constantly which I think makes this popup shop exciting. Like a subscription box, Afropop Peckham provides you with products that you might not find on your local high street. These products change, like a subscription, to showcase new businesses and celebrates the wealth of Black owned businesses. It presents a platform for a businesses to showcase their work. Not one store has a monopoly on the space. I like this idea because you get to experience a wide range of stores and products. Additionally, it's a way to keep people coming back for more.

In London, I've found that there are many pop up stores and events specifically for Black businesses. Black Christmas market or Pop Up Africa are large events - however they aren't permanent fixtures. They happen around certain times of the year and never move beyond that. That's where Afropop Peckham comes in and what ultimately makes it unique. The pop up shops take place every weekend Friday- Sunday. It's a consistent space in the community, one visible from the busy and changing streets of Peckham. Despite the vendors changing inside, Afropop Peckhham's presence is felt and makes a difference to those looking for products that remind them of home.

We're looking for more Black oriented spaces and platforms that showcase and highlight Black businesses. Know of any? Then send us a message or DM so that we can check it out.

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