Behind the Scenes: City Inspired Founder

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

You've met the vendors, seen the products and have subscribed to receive the Winter Box (there's still time!). But who's the driving force behind City Inspired? Meet our founder - Baindu Kallon.

A bit about me - I'm a Sierra Leonean American, born and raised in the US and now living in London. My favourite part of being in London is discovering new businesses, whether online or at my local markets. There's so much that this city has to offer - many of which can be only found once you leave the high street.

I started City Inspired based on my younger sister experience as a small business owner. She's a part time artist who started selling her work online. She amassed a following, based on her network and her work - which is amazing! However she often found it difficult to reach others outside her network. Most of the platforms she did find were only interested in highlighting well known artists. How could she expand her brand? How can she communicate her story outside of her network?

Missing for her, as well as other creatives, was a platform that invested in local artists, one that supported them while also honouring their voices and stories. A platform that centred Black creatives, one that introduces vendors to new audience and vice versa gives the audience a sneak peek into their new favourite products.

I believe City Inspired is that platform and subscription boxes can be the vehicle to introduce a broader audience to London's Black creatives. Subscription services are a growing industry. As an subscriber myself, I love the idea of discovering new products from the comforts of my home. It's simple, convenient and takes away the stress of going to crowded stores. There are a wealth of subscription boxes for natural hair care, beauty and more. The popularity of these boxes highlight the importance of representation and community, how acknowledging the unique needs of your audience is a recipe for success.

City Inspired aims to add to this space by focusing on Black owned businesses, specifically those in the creative arts. I want City Inspired to show the variety of businesses that exist within London - the businesses that continue to be the backbone of their community.

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