Black Pound Day

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The first #BlackPoundDay is this Saturday (27 June). Learn more about what this means and how to support your favourite brands.

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Black Lives Matters means all Black lives matter. It means Black joy matters and Black voices matters. To honour this, Swiss from So Solid Crew, created the movement Black Pound Day. The idea is for this to be a monthly event, where all spending is directed towards Black owned businesses. It's a way in which to empower Black entrepreneurs and celebrate the work that they are doing.

As a Black owned business, we've seen how important it is to invest in our local community. By participating in Black Pound Day, you can help amplify these voices.

How can you participate in Black Pound Day?

Buy from a Black Owned Business

There are still some boxes left from City Inspired (slight plug lol) and head to our Instagram page tomorrow as we feature more of our favourite vendors.

Take a photo of your purchase, receipt or business

Show us what you got!

Post with hashtag #BlackPoundDay

And use this hashtag to discover more brands on Saturday.

Share your experience!

Tell us what you loved about your new purchase. What are you looking forward to doing with your new products?

Shout out the business (or businesses) that you love

Share your recommendations with your family and friends. Follow your favourite brands on social media, tag them in you IG stories, sign up for the mailing lists just let people know what you're seeing and who you're loving on.

We're excited to see the hype around Black businesses growing and hope that Black Pound Day is just the start of bigger and better things to come. Follow us on Instagram for updates throughout the day and we will keep you informed of Black Pound Day next month. We'll see you online tomorrow!

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