Bringing in 2021! Five things for City Inspired

Updated: Jan 17

We're here and we've survived the year of the rona. Like everyone, we're happy to see 2021 and looking forward to what the new year has to offer. Check out what we're looking forward to in 2021.

Image of 2021 - happy new year banner
Image via Canva

Growing networks

We found that 2020 to be quite the struggle. Not only did we have to shift some of the timelines for our boxes but we shifted everything online for the long haul. One thing that kept us going was our community - our network of businesses, subscribers and more that supported us through 2020. We want to keep building these connections by growing our network. We've joined groups such as Black Owned Sub Boxes UK, Black Women's Directory and are looking forward to joining other networks that support, celebrate and highlight Black owned businesses in the UK. Whether on or offline, we are stronger as a community and cannot wait to continue growing ours.

Diversifying our products

It's a new year, which means time for new boxes from the UK's best small businesses and creatives. We're aiming to offer you more unique and diverse products at a reasonable price. We're excited to begin with the Winter Edition of City Inspired. We can't tell you who will be featured in the box quite yet (watch this space for more details) but we can say that these products will keep you warm and moisturised throughout the rest of the winter season. Check out our page next month as we introduce our newest box.

Featuring new Black owned businesses

Last year, we started the Our Own Stories blog series, which features Black owned businesses around the UK. These range from online platforms such as