Bringing in 2021! Five things for City Inspired

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

We're here and we've survived the year of the rona. Like everyone, we're happy to see 2021 and looking forward to what the new year has to offer. Check out what we're looking forward to in 2021.

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Growing networks

We found that 2020 to be quite the struggle. Not only did we have to shift some of the timelines for our boxes but we shifted everything online for the long haul. One thing that kept us going was our community - our network of businesses, subscribers and more that supported us through 2020. We want to keep building these connections by growing our network. We've joined groups such as Black Owned Sub Boxes UK, Black Women's Directory and are looking forward to joining other networks that support, celebrate and highlight Black owned businesses in the UK. Whether on or offline, we are stronger as a community and cannot wait to continue growing ours.

Diversifying our products

It's a new year, which means time for new boxes from the UK's best small businesses and creatives. We're aiming to offer you more unique and diverse products at a reasonable price. We're excited to begin with the Winter Edition of City Inspired. We can't tell you who will be featured in the box quite yet (watch this space for more details) but we can say that these products will keep you warm and moisturised throughout the rest of the winter season. Check out our page next month as we introduce our newest box.

Featuring new Black owned businesses

Last year, we started the Our Own Stories blog series, which features Black owned businesses around the UK. These range from online platforms such as Ebonyx, naturalistas like 4CurlyHair and creatives including Ahima Jewellry. We'll be back this year with some more features as we look to explore what the UK has to offer. We talk to our featured vendors about starting their own business, adapting to COVID-19 and work/life balance, amongst other topics. You can read all our blogs from last year by checking out the #Ourownstories tag on our website.

Shifting to virtual markets

When we made our 2020 resolutions, one of our key goals was to host and attend more in person events. Of course, last year proved difficult to achieve that goal so instead we adapted to virtual markets. We love these virtual markets because it creates visibility to brands across a wider, virtual audience. These markets are a testament to strengthen and resilience of businesses coming together to create spaces for themselves and their counterparts. It's also a testament to the customers who have the ability to attend and support their favourite local businesses from their homes. We know that things are still uncertain with COVID this year but we hope that these markets can continue to hold a space for local businesses and build the much needed connections to grow and expand.

Your box, your voices

City Inspired is shaped by YOU. We curate products that you are interested in and want to share the stories that you ask for. Email or DM us your ideas on themes for the upcoming boxes, share your experiences or tell us what products worked and if others don't. Feel free to even pitch a guest blog - one that could be featured on the website. The box is focused on the subscriber so we want to make sure that we hear from you, often and always.

We're also always looking for new vendors to feature in the box and in our blog post series. Know of any? Then we also want to hear from you. We want City Inspired to be reflective of your voices, choices and tastes. So let us know what you would like to see this year.

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