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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Meet Hepburn's Crafts - an Autumn vendor for City Inspired. Founder Amy Hepburn creates crotchet and macramé pot holders, hangers and more. Check out our interview with Amy for how she's translated her talent into a business.

How did Hepburn's Crafts come to be?

I graduated from Falmouth University in 2017, moved back to Peterborough (my hometown) and really didn’t know what to do with myself. I suffered from anxiety and depression from family deaths in uni and then graduates depression. I had no idea what to do, so I started to find love in indoor gardening, made my first Globe Terrarium and it went from there!

What is the inspiration behind the name?

Hepburn is my family name. My grandfathers & grandmothers were all gardeners, as well as my parents! My dad & mum are very crafty, as well as myself and my brother so it was inevitable... Hepburn is who I am and we craft- so Hepburn’s Crafts just worked! It’s in our blood.

You make different items - plant holders, plant covers, earrings - which are your favourite to make?

I personally love the plant hangers & earrings! As well as creating Terrariums!

What inspired you to make crochet plant covers? How long does it take to make them?

It takes 45mins for the small, 1hr15mins to do a medium! I actually was practicing my crochet technique and starting with the ‘magic circle’. I kept crocheting and they ended up becoming my Mini Crochet Plant Hangers then I started to do designs standing as well as hanging! So it was pure creative curiosity!

How did you get started in crotchet and macramé?

I found a lot of inspiration through Pinterest on Macramé then found a video of a standard Square Knot and it went from there! This knot is included in so many/most of our HC Macramé Creations.

With our Crochet designs, this was a skill I was scared to tackle as I’m dyslexic and my co-ordination is slightly off. I had a help from two friends who focus on smaller & tighter crochet patterns. After learning the Magic Circle I came up with the Mini plant pot hangers and it went from there!

What makes Hepburn's Crafts different from other crochet or macramé businesses?

What makes us different is the self love that goes into these pieces... macramé & crochet are mindful activities so I use that technique when creating the piece so they’re all made with their own unique way, going from the style to the shades of yarn. A bespoke design with my love and creativity embedded in them.

Greatest accomplishments and challenges as a business so far?

The most biggest accomplishment was relaunching HC. I was trying to find myself from when I started the business and was very off and on- personally it was because I had confidence issues. It came to December 2019, and my boyfriend & friends were telling me to get back into it, so I did and it’s been a great year!

COVID has been a huge challenge tbh, we had a great spot in a boutique which we had to let go due to the risks of us closing again! And trying to advertise the business as online only is more work than anticipated but we’re getting there!

How are you adapting your business to COVID-19 environment?

After this craziness of COVID, people have had the time to find a small business and to be honest, we’ve strived! We could’ve done a lot better without COVID, but, I do feel like people are appreciating the efforts everyday people like me can make beautiful things for them. It’s not corporate, not mass manufactured, just made with love in my house and people love it! So it’s been tough but brilliant. And I’ve also watched other small businesses grow & strive so I think we ALL need to keep going!

What does it mean to you to be Black owned business?

It means that life is moving forward. Not for everyone but to run a business you really have to go for it. With being a woman of colour in the UK, I haven’t been turned away from many opportunities and I’m grateful for the faith & admiration people have for my business. And being mixed raced honours me to have all races of people shopping from me!

Any advice for Black creatives or entrepreneurs?

This is a hard question for me, being Black & white I wouldn’t want to say this to one side... anyone who wants to be creative & become an entrepreneur, has to stick with being persistent and consistent- which are two things that have nothing to do with race. Trying to grow to you’re ultimate level of success is a mental challenge, so stick with your intuition and go with your gut.

I feel that growing a business is like having a child, which you love, nurture, develop & grow. It’s a huge part of you- with me personally this business saved me from my own oppression, which is my mental health. I am free to run my business how I wish to and the only person who stops me is me, so I have to keep going.

I’m so proud to craft and be creative. It keeps us all alive.

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