Inspired to Create: Qemamu Mosaics

Meet our Spring vendor Quemamu Mosaics , started by mosaic artist Dionne Ible. Dionne creates moasic art pieces, greeting cards and leads her own design workshops. Learn more about Qemamu Mosiacs in the Q&A below.

How did Qemamu Mosaics come to be?

Qemamu Mosaics was borne out of a need to do something more creative and to stimulate my mind differently from my 9-5 job working as a Legal Secretary. Although I didn’t have a background in art I knew that I wanted to do something creative so I went about searching for a course that would satisfy my needs. I decided to get a prospectus and search for something and eventually found a mosaic course. I enrolled on the 10 week course and was soon hooked on the practical hands on craft. After completing the course, I knew this was something I was going to continue doing at home. A few years later in 2007, after having made and sold a few pieces to friends and family, I decided to form my business and start marketing myself more professionally.

I also support a charity called Read Across Africa and donate a percentage of my earnings to this cause who are based in Kenya. It is my intention to create merchandise based on some of the images I did for this year’s calendar to further create awareness and extend my services.

Inspiration behind the name?

My company name derived from a naming book I had, from which I named my children. I wanted a name that reflected what I was doing and also had its roots in Africa. The name Qemamu is an ancient Egyptian word meaning creation or creator, something worked, workers in wood or metal.