Interior Design with an African Twist: April & April Home

Our Own Stories is back! Check out our latest blog featuring April & April Home, an African inspired home decor company. Learn more our about this new Black owned business below

How did April & April Home come to be?

I have always had a penchant for the arts and design, which oddly often shows up in my tech career, but the idea for April & April Home was birthed when I was at home on maternity after having my son. Having just moved into a new home I was on a hunt for on trend interior accessories with a twist – African design. Not finding the right fit for the interior styles I pictured, off I went fabric-shopping, and with the humble help of my small sewing machine wallowing in a state of disuse, I made some cushions covers and kids room decor. These piqued the interest of friends and family, especially my husband; a home interior enthusiast who encouraged me to take this a bit more seriously and pursue a business out of it. The rest is now history.

Inspiration behind the name?

The name is inspired (as you may have guessed) by the month of April and what it connotes - freshness, spring colours, the bloom - always sparks my imagination. But, also, April is a special month for me as it is my birth month and as well as my husband's. So, it is from all of these, that's where the double ‘April’ play on word was derived.

You create all the products found on your Etsy page! Walk us through the creative process. How do you design the cushions and wall prints?