Monthly verse quarterly subscription box?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Looking to start a subscription box business? One of the big decisions to make is how often your subscribers receive the box. Learn more below

When we started thinking through the subscription box - we needed to decide whether the box would come monthly, quarterly or even biannually - yes so many options! Obviously having a monthly subscription box has its advantages. First you can charge a bit more (because you're covering monthly costs) and your subscriber receives a steady stream of your product. This helps them stay engaged. For marketing and communication, it also gives you a variety of new products and gifts to showcase. Basically your IG page is always popping - you'll never run out of relevant content to post.

However when we spoke to our target audience, many noted that they actually didn't like getting a monthly box. Monthly boxes accumulate quickly - products add up and many said they ended up canceling their subscription because they had little space to keep receiving products.

To avoid this, we wanted to start a quarterly subscription box - one that arrives every three months to your door. It's a bit different (yes we know!) but we liked the idea of spending time on each box. City Inspired is all about sharing Black stories - and that's difficult to do in one month. Three months allows us to really delve into their voices and for our subscribers to learn what they're all about.

Additionally having the box come out every three months helps us save on costs. Since we purchase directly from our Black creative vendors - buying products every month would add up - quickly. By spreading it out, we're able to control our finances, monitor our budget and make adjustments as we learn and grow.

Obviously it's up to you and your brand to know which subscription model works best for you. While we love being a quarterly box, we're inspired by all the monthly boxes providing quality content all year round.

For more on details of how to start a subscription box, check out this article from Crate Joy on tricks and tips of the trade.

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