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Meet our Autumn Box vendor Restore2Nature. Started by founder Nicole, learn more about their natural deodorants, being a Black owned business and more in our latest Q&A.

How did Restore2Nature come to be? What was the inspiration behind the name?

Restore2Nature was a name I created with the reassurance of some of my loved ones. But it was truly inspired by the love of mother nature. I knew when I was looking for a name for the business that it had to have nature in it somewhere and the ‘restore’ went easily when I knew my mission was to restore myself back to nature.

Restore2Nature inspiration originally came from my grandma. When I was younger I used to watch my grandma be a naturalist without been credited with the name. Due to her Caribbean background, she would always refer back to natural remedies to support mine and my siblings/cousins holistic health. One thing I remember my grandma doing was cutting a piece of her aloe vera plant and giving it to me to rub on my skin as I was a big eczema sufferer. The amazing thing is it worked.

So fast forward to me now I automatically embraced her natural ways, drinking herbal teas, making my own hair products, being in love with my natural surroundings etc. I then got to the point where I became so in love with the beauty of nature and the plant-based world that I started indulging in natural skincare courses and research. Finally after a few years with the support and love from my best friend Nerissa, we ventured into making it an official business to be able to share the love of nature and skincare with the world.

What is your creative process? How do you make the natural deodorant?

The tributes of being a skincare business owner is knowing that it takes a lot of dedication, education and passion to accomplish the right product. The educational aspect in product making is researching and formulating.

We actually don’t use a recipe to make our products but create formulas. It may sound like a scary scientific word to use for natural skincare but I can promise there are no horrible substances or harsh chemicals in our products that you may think of when you think of science and formulating.

The relevance in formulating is because it’s the best and safest way to get accuracy when creating the skincare products. Our natural deodorant formula is based on our natural & organic ingredients that we put in categories of phases and percentages in order to achieve quality and consistency in our natural vegan friendly skincare. Using a formula will keep you professional and regulated.

However during the process of making Restore2Nature products there are a few steps I like to take before I begin, one is to have a shower and pray that the product are made in love and peace. Then I put on some soothing music could be Nat King Cole or some Bob Marley and have frankincense incense basking in the background. This all helps my creative process too.

What makes Restore2Nature different from other brands?

I get asked this question a lot and I always have to think. As the business grows the answer grows with it. Restore2Nature is a unique brand and I believe it is different to the rest because we advocate nature. We align skincare with the beauty of mother nature and what it has to bring to us to give us the best quality skin and health care. Nature is such a powerful aspect of our everyday life so we just encourage people to embrace it and enjoy.

What is your favourite product to make and why?

As much as I love making our natural deodorants, I would have to say our body butter is heaven. It’s just phenomenal. I love to see the transformation from the hard butters and unrefined oils come together, turn into a combined golden liquid under the pressure of heat and then become a solid again once refrigerated. And the grand finale is the whip. Whipping the combined solid natural compounds to a smooth ivory coloured whipped butter is an experience I believe I will always enjoy. And the smell from the natural infused essential oils when added is just beautiful.

Greatest accomplishments and challenges as a business so far?

I’ll start with challenge. I believe Restore2Nature greatest challenge has been staying consistent on social media. As the founder of Restore2Nature and the main face behind the social content I have struggled. This is generally because I would class myself as old school! I am not a massive fan of technology and the virtual world so I had to quickly adapt to be able to create visuals for our beautiful customers. The blessing is our followers are amazing and supportive and make it easy for me to carry on on social media.

Now accomplishments, I believe it has to be being a part of the people. Going to massive events and fairs, hosting as vendors/stall holders and providing our service of natural skincare to the people is such an amazing feeling and accomplishment. To be able to engage with our loving customer and build a genuine customer relation with them face to face is great. Since the lockdown eased, we took the opportunity to travel around the cities and showcase our natural skincare. What a great time we have had!

What does it mean to you to be Black owned business?

Firstly, it is an indescribable honour being a black Caribbean female all by itself and then to be able to have a business is just a blessing to say the least. Knowing the suppression we as black people have suffered in the past makes being a black owned business a true dream come true, not only for myself, my community and my children but also for my ancestors.

The dream of them being independent and owning something a business as such is a dream that has come true in us and so many other incredible black owned businesses in this generation. I am proud and blessed.

Any advice for Black creatives?

Yes! Don’t do it alone, have like-minded enthusiastic people surrounding you to support your mission. Also write out your goals and aspirations, read them aloud and reflect back on them daily so you strive forward in fulfilling and achieving them.

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