#Ourownstories - Ebonyx, the Afrocentric Marketplace

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We're excited to feature Ebonyx, a global marketplace for items that are Afrocentric in nature or inspired by Afrocentrism! Learn more about Ebonyx in our Q&A as part of #Ourownstories blog series.

How did Ebonyx come to be?

Launched in late 2019, Ebonyx, The Afrocentric Marketplace, is a one-stop-shop platform for small black-owned businesses to showcase their products and items. Similar to the likes of Amazon and eBay, brands can sign up to Ebonyx for customers to directly discover and shop multiple brands in one place.

The business began after the founders, Ashley and Lucan, stumbled across a problem - where do you shop for afrocentric and culturally black items? This question was asked when Lucan was moving into his new home and was searching for cultural ornaments to decorate his house. Searching, the options to buy were few, with marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay being the only places to find any suitable items. However, after researching the items on these big marketplaces, Lucan was shocked to see the products were mostly made and shipped from China, lacking the authenticity he expected. After a more in-depth search, the friends eventually found a handful of black-owned brands making the cultural items he sought after, but discovering these brands was arduous and challenging due to a lack of exposure. After speaking with these brands, it became apparent a marketplace would be a solution to their exposure issues.

What is the inspiration behind your name?

Ebonyx is a blend of Ebony and Onyx, and a reference to black vernacular, ebonics.