Simple Natural Skincare from Eden Green

Meet our winter vendor Eden Green - an online shop specialising in handcrafted butters, infused body oils and more. We spoke to Eden's Green about starting their brand and what it means to be Black owned.

How did Eden Green come to be? What was the inspiration behind the name?

Eden Green actually started as a health and nutrition enterprise in 2013 while I was at uni. I was fascinated with the idea that what we put into our bodies has a huge impact on our overall wellness, in a world where junk food and GMOs are so easily accessible. 'Eden Green' the name, symbolises the beauty of origin, and of nature in its many forms.

The transition into skincare in 2017 carried the exact same values. Creating these products was driven by a desire to see more natural and affordable skincare on the market.

How do you create your lip scrubs? Specifically how do you decide which ingredients to mix in the lip scrubs?

We wanted to create lip scrubs that were effective yet gentle enough for regular exfoliation. After trialing many different sugar and salt options, we achieved the perfect combination of two types of sugars, with the added moisturising properties of honey.

The scrubs are designed to be used on wet lips, to allow the scrub to glide smoothly and work its magic, leaving the lips super soft but not stripped.