Spiritual Symbolism with Vnus Art Shop

Check out our latest Q&A with our Autumn Box vendor Vnus Art Shop. Learn more about their art, starting a new business and more.

How did Vnus Art Shop come to be?

During lockdown I was placed on furlough so I had a lot of free time on my hands which was quite surprising as it hasn’t been a thing for me in the past. I soon regained the passion for making art but this time I wanted a way to make a profit alongside my university studies.

I’m always open to answer any enquiries about my art, whether it’s regarding any of my creative processes or even if one of my pieces are for sale.

What is the inspiration behind your art?

My artwork is inspired by my feelings, or often what I urge to feel. Painting is one of the best ways for me to express myself so when I create art, I feel relaxed. When I look at my finished artwork, it brings me peace. I enjoy making dreamlike paintings with spiritual symbolism, so I’ve always had hope that these feelings would be passed on to those that view my art.

Why did you decide to turn your talent for art into a business?

From a young teenager it has always been a dream of mine to become a successful freelance artist, where I could do what I love all day (which is to paint). To me, starting up my online art business is the first step into making my dream a reality.

What is your favourite art print and why?

I love my Jhene Aiko prints, as when I completed the original painting I realised my true potential as an artist, I see it as where my own artistic style really began that I continue to replicate to this day. One of my other favourites would be the Black Love hand prints, as I love the context behind the artwork.

Greatest accomplishments and challenges as a business so far?

It may seem to be a small accomplishment to other people, but I love that people place their trust in me to create their personal artwork for them. I have built great relationships along the way with some of my clients that have commissioned artwork from me.

A challenge I would say is the balance of maintaining an online presence. I feel like this is something that is crucial for me in order to grow and maintain a business in this current climate with the way technology is rapidly changing but this has proven to be very difficult .

What does it mean to you to be Black owned business?

To be a part of a community that support, push and celebrate each other so that we can all achieve greatness as a collective.

Any advice for Black creatives or entrepreneurs?

Don’t feel afraid to put your work out there, and don’t be discouraged if you get less likes on Instagram or less sales than what you hoped for.

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