Spreading Positivity through art - Cassiscreative

Meet our Autumn vendor Cassiscreative, who creates keychains, mugs and notebooks inspired by her book! Check out more of our interview below.

How did Cassiscreative come to be?

Cassiscreative is a relevant statement and actionable brand. It was inspired by self-publishing my first book in 2017, Success with the Wrong Queen. It sold really well in the United States. Locally and internationally, people had seen that I had written a book and wanted to know I did it. That encouraged me to publish an e-book on the writing and publishing process. From there I then launched coaching services to help aspiring authors. Recently, I launched a master class which was live videos but now it’s recorded content. From there I started selling keychains, notebooks, mugs - merchandise that has been inspired from my book series. I sell bookmarks as well which started in 2018!

Business wise, I have a Facebook group, called ambitious entrepreneurs, authorprenuers and creatives. That group is all about us learning together, motivating each other and being in a safe space to be entrepreneurs - to fail and learn.

Tell us a bit more about your book!