The Neutral Collection - Q&A with Sig Made It

Meet one of our Autumn Box vendors Sig Made It, a homeware brand that sells bespoke, concrete and resin home decor pieces. Learn more about our latest vendor in our interview below.

How did Sig Made It come to be? What was the inspiration behind the name?

I started the business as it is now in January of this year. It’s still new, it’s my baby! Before I used to crochet clothing. But it was more ad hoc. I used to make tops for going out and skirts. I found that people were messaging me, asking if they could get some clothing as well.

I swapped to resin because we had just gotten a new house, right before I had my daughter. I was spending a lot of time in the house and with lockdown as well, I realised the importance of having a nice space. I started researching what I could do, which led me down to resin. I tend to jump from medium to medium. But whatever it is, I am always making it. So that’s the inspiration behind the name, it came from me making different things.

I’ve got a thing for coffee tables and I always see people taking pictures of their coffee on their coffee tables - and it stresses me out! People need coasters! I wanted to make something that was a decent material, wasn't going to get damaged and okay under heat. So I went for resin which works well. I’ve also started working on concrete pieces because I like the texture of those in contrast with the resin. I’m looking to do some mixed medium pieces (with resin and concrete) soon.

What is your creative process? How do you make the bookmarks?

I love making bookmarks because I can freestyle. I tend to like neutrals so I tend to pick colour palettes with warm neutral colours or cooler tones like silvers. Then I mix up the colours. I also usually have a rough idea of where I want to place the glitter. It’s nice too because all the bookmarks tend to have slightly different patterns.

I have molds. Some from different suppliers and others are custom and handmade, those are molds that are unique to Sig Made It. I mix up the resin and then there’s a time limit, 45 minutes, to work with it before it starts setting. As I’ve gone on, I’ve become more prepared. I usually have everything laid out before I mix the resin up.

What makes Sig Made It different from other brands?

All of my products not only look nice but they also have a function. I like nice things and I wanted to make them useful. So you’ve got a bookmark, coasters are practical and they all look nice. I don’t think I’ve seen many brands that are doing what I am doing.

What is your favourite product to make and why?

It has to be the coasters! They’re a decent size so you can get different varieties. Because of how the resin works, even if I mix four and use the same technique, they can all turn out slightly different which is nice. All my coaster molds are handmade by other small businesses in the UK. The shapes are different compared to what you would get elsewhere.

Greatest accomplishments and challenges as a business so far?

This is an achievement and a challenge but I built my website from scratch, having no prior experience. I think it looks quite good now. Everytime I click on it, I can’t believe I made that, it actually works! It’s been a big learning curve. City Inspired getting in touch was another accomplishment, it’s my first wholesale order!

Managing to run my business while working full time and taking care of my daughter, it’s busy. So the running of the day to day activities of the business makes me proud. For me, it’s just about being organised. I often block out the time to do bits on the business or I will pre shoot content for Instagram or the website rather than doing it as I go along. I found that helps a lot.

What does it mean to you to be Black owned business?

It shows that we’re not size fits all. There are Black owned businesses that do traditional prints, which are amazing. There are Black businesses that make bright and colourful things. I’ve got a neutral thing going on. It’s all about taking up space and showing that we’re here, we have businesses and they are just as high quality as everyone else. It’s also trying to put money back into our own communities. Being Black and living in Britain, there are a lot of challenges. But we’re all doing things and becoming successful.

Any advice for Black creatives or entrepreneurs?

Just start! Even for me there are certain things I haven’t pushed for, because I kind of limit myself and think “what if”? But a lot of the time when you do something, the response you get is amazing and people are supportive. I’m really lucky that my parents, my partner and people around me are supportive in the business aspects.

Sometimes you have to think if this is what I want to do, I’m going to push for it. If you have to reach out for help, people are more than willing to offer support. I reached out to other businesses that are bigger than I am and they’ve been willingly to help. So you have to take that step and go for it.

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