What is City Inspired?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The subscription box industry in the UK is estimated to grow to £1 billion by 2022. Much of this industry is dominated by larger, international companies. Not only can this make boxes more expensive but also means the boxes are filled with mass produced products. In other words, many of these boxes are curated with sample sized products that you can often find at your local stores. Missing from much of this industry is a personalised touch. This is where City Inspired comes in, a subscription box that curates products from Black creatives that own businesses in and around London.

The idea of City Inspired started last year, as a response to the growing demand of subscription services as well as the missing Black owned businesses and products in UK subscription boxes. The aim of this box is to highlight the creatives specifically, rather than the products in the box. We want City Inspired to provide a platform for their stories and illustrate their journey as they build their business from the ground up.

We spent the last year interviewing creatives, consumers and more about what they want to see in this box. Many of you wanted a box filled with products that you might have missed at your local market. You wanted those funky gifts, the unique gifts that you can't find anywhere else as well as the stories behind these products. You wanted the ins and outs, the depth and breadth of Black owned businesses tackling what it means to start your own enterprise.

You also had a LOT of questions. Which we loved - and made us even more excited to get City Inspired out to you! You wanted the inspiration behind your favourite products? Got it. You asked for a space to engage with the vendors? We started an Instagram page (follow us @city_inspired !). Affordable prices? You don't even have to ask, you know we got you. This box is for us by us. And you, our new subscribers, are part and parcel to making this box successful.

City Inspired aims to strengthen local businesses owned by Black creatives. It’s this network and support for Black creatives that make City Inspired unique, a platform to celebrate the communities that have built and continue to build London today.

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