What's in a box?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

We all know the general basis of a subscription box service. Most come to your doorstep once a month. You get a set amount of products for beauty, haircare, food and more. So what makes City Inspired any different? What's in a box?

Quarterly Box

The boxes come every three months instead of once a month. Why? To help build community. As City Inspired curates products, we want to ensure that the creative is highlighted as well. We showcase their stories, their passions and their businesses and we want you, our subscribers, to engage with them as well. To do so, we take time to speak with the creatives themselves and provide a platform to connect our subscribers to their new favourite businesses.

We also are conscious of the carbon footprint that subscription boxes leave. We reduce ours by limiting the frequency of our box delivery. City Inspired boxes are also made from recycled materials and we aim to source products that are environmentally friendly.

Picture of beautifully designed subscription box based in the UK

Curating local products

The subscription box industry is expected to grow to £1 billion by 2022. There's strong demand for subscription boxes, it's a service that brings the goods directly to you and it's a convenient way to sample a wide variety of products. Yet like most industries, subscription boxes are dominated by large players, many of which are based in the US. We curate our boxes locally because the London creative economy is exciting, unique and booming. To celebrate this, we bring your city and its creatives right to your door.

Centring Black creatives

Black owned subscriptions are growing and we're excited to join this community, working with Black creatives. City Inspired is for us by us. We're here for their designs, creativity and ability to create their own spaces. Read our other blogs to learn more about our Autumn box businesses. Learn about the creative process and what it means to be a Black owned business in this space.

So what's in a box? A platform and community to celebrate London's very own. Interested? Then test us out and purchase your first box. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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