Wildcrafting with Nettles and Bees

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Nettles and Bees creates handmade, ethical products via wildcrafting of wild plants. Interested in learning more? Then check out our Q&A with founder Ebony below.

How did Nettles and Bees come to be?

Nettles and Bees was created through a passion for learning about plants, specifically wild plants and their vast beneficial properties. I have always been interested in the process behind creating your own products and perfumes. This started from my journey to finding the best product and ingredients for my specific hair type and then moving onto more skin and hair based ingredients and products infused with plants.

Inspiration behind the name?

The name is inspired by the first plant- Nettles, which introduced me into foraging, wildcrating and herbalism. I am also inspired by bees, as being a very important part of our natural system, allies, their work ethic and the fact that they are cute.

What is wildcrafting? And how does it influence the products you create?

Wildcrafting is using and creating with plants you have sustainably foraged or harvested. This can be from creating food, drink or anything you use really. It influences me to be more in sync with the seasons and the products I create, allows me to be aware and build more understanding of certain plants and their beneficial properties that can be extracted.

Walk us through your creative process! How do you determine what combination of herbs to use in your products?

I research the benefits of plants with various resources and study them and see what is more fitting to use them for oxample oiles, balms or more soothing properties than medicinal. It is also important to check if they have similar benefits then this can aid in creating a good herbal blend for whichever product ideas I have.

Greatest accomplishments and challenges as a business so far?

At the moment as I am still a fairly new business, I am becoming familiar with the challenges for example managing this and my other work through the week and balancing things and ideas. Being involved in different projects and growing and evolving have been my greatest accomplishments so far.

What does it mean to you to be Black owned business?

To me, it means being able to occupy a space in fields where there may be less black owned businesses or creatives and also building more of a diverse representation in all fields.

How are you adapting your business to the COVID-19 environment?

As my business is mainly selling online it has not been hard to adapt to COVID-19, I continue to operate things through Etsy and Instagram. All products are still made in a sterilized environment following best practice and workshops have been held online through zoom.

Any advice for Black creatives or entrepreneurs?

I think the best thing is to keep learning about your own style and niche and understand what you are offering to give you that confidence in your ideas and products. Also don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you learn.

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